Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My family is so sick of all of the lockout talk going on with the NBA, and even more bummed that the season is basically over.

I found this funny site with T-shirts relating to the NBA lockout.


Monday, September 5, 2011

...And We're Back!

So, a lot has happened over here.  I mega slacked on my running because I had a baby!  I'm still recovering (I'm only three months post partum) and I'm trying to get back into training for a half marathon.  It's really hard to find time to run and exercise during the day, and when I do either its way hot or I feel like I can't go because I don't have a good jogging stroller.  I suppose I could just run at night, but I want to spend time with my family when they're all home so it's hard for me.  So, I'm attempting to do the Couch to 5K program with my travel system stroller in the meantime.  I figure running for 2 minute intervals won't kill the stroller or the baby.  Once I really get back into more mileage, I'll hopefully *fingers crossed* have a jogging stroller, or I'll just go on my own at night.

I'm really hoping this blog keeps me accountable even though no one really reads it.  It's more for my personal benefit than anything else. 

My game plan right now is simply to finish the C25K program and begin to incorporate some strength training.  Baby = flabby arms!!

Wish me luck ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All Signed Up!

After sitting there for 15 minutes terrified to push "Submit"...I did it.  I signed up for my first ever 10K race.  The Deseret News Marathon/10K is on July 24th, at 5:30 in the morning!  I think hubby and I are going to stay in a hotel in SLC so that I don't have to wake up at 3:30 to get there.  I just don't think I can handle that.

The race is downhill (woo hoo!) and seems to be a pretty easy route.  The starting elevation is a little over 5000ft, and the ending is just a little under 4000. 

I'm really excited to do this.  It is just another step closer to my big, ugly marathon!  I've been going on a lot of monstrous hikes lately, so I haven't really been actually running, but I think my 7 mile hike at a 21% incline won't HURT my running abilities, that's for sure.

Wish me luck!

Keep on runnin'

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Running with a Throbbing Noggin


I am so ready to go running tonight, my body rested and nearly healed.  Right about 4pm at work, I get a headache that feels like someone threw a brick at my forehead.  Something about pounding my feet against the pavement over and over doesn't sound like much fun right now.  I took 3 tylenol.  I hope it goes away.

Hubby & I are going out for dinner tonight because I forgot to put the roast in the crock pot.  I ate half a funnel cake for lunch (& my two snacks) at a carnival with the kids I watch.  This is a not-so-stellar fitness day.  I will have to behave myself at whatever restaurant we decide to go to.

One of those days......

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hill Runs

So, yesterday left me feeling pretty sore in my quads.  Today, unfortunately for me, was my hill run day.  I went to the tredmill and tried my hardest, but my legs were just too dang tired!  I ended up walking briskly for most of it, and made my incline a little steeper to compensate for my walking.  I did it, though!  I am not sure how my "race pace" run tomorrow will be.  Luckily for me my race pace is pretty slow! :)

I did better with food today.  I turned down a delicious chocolate cookie, and tried hard to limit my carbs.  I wasn't perfect - but who is?  I had a new snack today that I LOVED.  I found these cute little tubs of all natural fruit sorbet at the grocery and bought two mango and two raspberry.  I had a mango tonight and it was really delicious.  I like that they are all natural, so I can feel like I'm having a treat on my semi-strict diet.  My goal is to be even better with diet tomorrow so I can fuel up for my race pace run.  I'm hoping I'll have tons of energy since I'll have an exam I'm way nervous about done with by the time I run at night.  Bleck, I hate Biology!

I haven't mentioned my little "reward system" I've established for myself.  I printed off these incredibly corny dollar bills with my face on them and whenever I am "good" with diet and exercise, I give myself a few.  Actually, I make my husband do it in a very ceremonious way.  I let myself spend the money at the end of each month.  This month I made a whopping $42, but I'm deciding to roll it over to possibly buy a sexy dress I've been eyeing at the store :)  It's been really motivating and I really like the system.  If anyone is interested, I can give you the site where I created my own money!

Keep on runnin'

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day One of Running Fun!

Well today was the beginning of my 6-week journey to a 10K.  I found a program that I really like and it seems like it's quite do-able.  Today I was supposed to slowly jog for 3 miles.  I knew I could go three miles but I wasn't quite sure if I could jog the whole time because I hadn't been running in a while.  I'm so proud to say that I did it!  I ran the entire 3 mile distance.  Much to the shagrin of my quads and knees, of course.  Tomorrow I think I do hill runs, or something similar.  We'll see, I guess!  It's going to be hard this first week getting back into it but I can so do this.

I'm also trying to work on my diet.  It may sound funny coming from someone who wants to be a runner, but I'm trying to cut back on my carbohydrates.  I love the darn things and I have a slow metabolism so they KILL me.  I got out my handy-dandy P90X nutrition book, dusted it off, and found the diet of Phase 2 called "Energy Booster."  (The Phase 1 diet is just too crazy for me.  It's more for people who are lifting tons.)  I'm going to try to plan out my meals the night before so that there's no issues.  I'm also trying to drink tons of water.  I think eating right will help me run better.  Actually, I know it will!

So day one was a success.  Usually day ones are :)  But I have to be proud of myself either way!

Keep on runnin'

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Walked on the Moon!

This is one of my favorite Brian Regan skits. I cannot stand these people who try to "one-up" everything you say. Maybe it's just because I'm a girl, but it really hurts my feelings and offends me when people do this! I had this happen recently at dinner, and it involved my fitness goals. Now, these fitness things are pretty touchy for me anyway, because I don't have tons of confidence on that front. I had mentioned to this particular party of folks a while back that I had a new fitness goal--to do ONE pull up. My husband even mentioned to me that he had never seen a girl do a pull up and that he will give me $100 when he sees me do one. I knew I could do it, and I've been doing really great! I have a loving husband who lets me sit on his shoulders to take some of the weight off me. So, he basically does squats with the weight I'm not using for my pull ups :). Anyway, at dinner the other night someone (a girl) started going off about how she did like 10 pull ups. Not only that, but she had her boyfriend hang on her waist as she did some pull ups. Oh and did you know that her sister did a pull up too? Which ones do I think are easiest? Oh gee...well.....

My husband seemed quite surprised and I was too. Then I looked down at my dinner and realized, "WTF?! She had her bulky boyfriend hang on her waist as she did a pull up?" That is pure, solid bull crap. I almost laughed thinking about it. Later on I began getting frustrated with this whole scenario. It seems like my parade is rained on quite a bit when I try to do these things.

So you know what?

Forget all that! I am going to start running again! I'm going to train for a 10K in July. By the time I run a marathon, not too many people can one-up that ! I'm not just doing it to show up people. I've been wanting to get back into the swing of things for a long time, now I have motivation.

So, I feel like I have a New Year's Resolution thing going on right now but hear you me, I am running that dang 10K in July. I won't get the best time but I am going to finish it! Then, watch out half marathon!!